Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Too Good to Keep to Myself

Sometimes life hands you too many great things all at once. When you've enslaved yourself to your Type A personality as I have, you find little time to relax and reflect. However, amid the busyness of it all, you get little gems of excellence in the form of humor, and they make the ride worth it.
For example, this morning my mother and I were discussing her new haircut. It's shorter in back now, and I really like it. She told her hairdresser, Liz, to cut her mullet. People were beginning to confuse her with Billy Ray Cyrus. Just kidding! But that's an image no one wants. Please meet my mother, Billy Ray. "If you don't finish all the vegetables on your plate, you're gonna get an achy, breaky bottom after I paddle you!"
Another enchanting happenstance was a dream I had the other night. In my dream, I was supposed to marry this guy I didn't really know. I think I'd met him only once. In my dream, I was being interviewed by my stake president (for friends of other faiths, this is a person in our church who is over about a dozen congregations) for a temple recommend. I told President Cutler that I was hesitant to marry this chap, but he told me not to worry. He then took me into another room and proceeded to give me a makeover. I guess he thought I didn't want to tie the knot because of my own feelings of inadequacy, so he was re-doing my eye makeup. Fortunately, I woke up before I had to go through with the ceremony. The crazy thing is, I can't really imagine President Cutler that way. I mean, I can't imagine him forcing someone to get married. While he has the firmest handshake on the planet and is meek and mild enough that he MIGHT even be willing to help you with a makeover if he thought it would make you feel better, he is not unkind. It was crazy, and I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate it if I told him about my dream, but I did get a good laugh out of it.
Anyway, things are progressing well on all fronts. I'm making major strides finishing all these random art projects, and my home is looking more beautiful and organized all the time for it. Health-wise, I feel good. I'm not too far from wearing that cute sweater-dress my mom bought me a while back, underestimating my bulk but not my aesthetic (I should now mention, though, that Zoey just lifted up my t-shirt and said, "baby," but she was pointing at my love-handle... boo!). My non-boyfriend is actually super and I feel good about our situation. Funnily, we're both more concerned about the other person getting hurt. He's pretty convinced that while he's away he'll meet someone and I'll end up with the short end of the stick. I'm worried that even if no one meets anyone else, I'll still not want to go for this thing. But for now, it's pleasant, and he's very kind. It's nice to have a good man around (kinda) who treats me well. I know a lot of decent men who aren't even very nice to their friends, so it makes me doubt their overall goodness. And I know lots of men who think they are nice, but their actions don't back things up. Frankly, I'd rather go out with a jerky guy who KNOWS he's evil, because I don't care for pretense. But anyway, for now things are happy. It's nice to have a little intrigue in my life but still not have to put myself away on a shelf completely. Not that Friday's upcoming date holds much mystery, but at least I'm having fun. And I imagine there will be stories a-plenty to tell.


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