Friday, June 29, 2007

No way to hold my head that didn't hurt

I still have a sore throat, but I've been singing at the top of my lungs. Sometimes ya just gotta sing out. Mostly show tunes. Sometimes Morrissey. Or Irish folks songs.
Talk about things staying the same! I have a little page on a similar friend site. A little embarrassing and I hardly use it, but it does keep me in touch with some people I've known from here and there. Except that some people use it as a dating vehicle, and there's this little man who has sent me the same "Quicknote" saying "You're Gorgeous" about once a year for the last four years. I never write back to him, and I'm not sure he remembers writing it to me or the fact that there's never a response. But it's a nice reminder every year.
And yesterday I got a call from a good friend from the past, suggesting I marry our mutual friend. It was odd. It would work out if it were just a business deal like that. I can keep my end of a bargain. But for as wonderful as he is (besides the fact he's not in love with me), he's still not a dark-haired mod-squad-ish hipster photographer with a studio downtown and a passion for making the world wonderful, despite prejudice and pre-conceived notions from the same help-worthy world assuming he's a slacker. Or living in New Mexico. So I remain single a bit longer. Very good, very good. But I've really got to make time for one of those relationship things one of these days. I hear they're fun.


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