Friday, November 28, 2008

People who know me well...

... understand that I have dry skin, but still prefer a gift of bubble bath to body lotion. They know when to call and when to give me my space. They've seen me crumble, but still, in their impossible goodness, like me in spite of the weaknesses. And they know that vulnerability is a big deal, because I'm much happier being (or at least being perceived as) together. Ahh.
The people who know me best understand why visiting Carlsbad, New Mexico, today was such a milestone, and would be thrilled to know that I met a really nice boy at a party tonight who was good enough to fawn over me even though it's still difficult for me to get too excited about it. They understand that my grumpiness of late is mostly due to lack of sleep and lack of time but also lack of attention from the source from which I crave it most. They understand how I can mean the kind things I say but also my need to remove myself from uncomfortable situations for a bit. They know I need a Club Med vacation, or maybe some counseling, but get why I'd rather spend my money on a jaunt through the Mediterranean (February: Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Malta). They accept my frivolities and eccentricities, even when they are maddening and foolish. And I'm sure grateful those people are in my life. Thank you to the friends, the fans and the flabbergasted. I am a mess, but I am sincere.


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