Monday, November 26, 2007

A modern miracle

So this little holiday weekend has been completely magical. There's something to be said for four days off in a row. I feel so relaxed and ready to get going again. It was definitely worth it to work like crazy last week so I could just unwind.
Friday morning I left my house at 5:30 to start the mad dash of Christmas shopping. I faced the crowds and the snow, but I managed to get a ton done-- almost all the shopping, actually. So when Saturday rolled around, I figured I might as well finish things up. Well, apparently all of Albuquerque was pooped from their shopping marathons the day before. I zipped into the mall and got the closest parking space available. At Costco, I didn't even have to wait in line. I picked up a much-needed winter coat at Old Navy for 50% percent off. A little shopping heaven, if you will.
But the day got better and better. I hopped over to my parents' house and watched BYU beat the Utes, securing the MWC championship and 19th ranking in the BCS. Then I worked out for two hours at the gym-- apparently everyone was still feeling better about tucking into their leftovers, so no waiting for any equipment. I capped off the evening by pulling out the Christmas decorations and getting a jump start on glitzing up my house. Could there have been a better day?
I know these things are all kind of silly, but it's days like these that keep you happy for weeks.
Oh, and I also got myself a nice new boyfriend, older than my own parents, I think. The cutest little man in the world spoke in church yesterday and I offered myself up to be his child bride. Ta-da! And I just finished a book that ended just perfectly. All is right in the world.


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