Monday, December 10, 2007

Boring, Boring, Boring

I'm sure somewhere, there is a demonstration-- my public taking to the streets with picket signs, chanting, "We want her blog! We want her blog!" Actually, I highly doubt there's been much notice of my slightly quieter corner of cyberspace, but please allow me this little fantasy of popularity.
I think I stopped writing a while ago for several reasons-- chief amongst them was simply that very little of note has happened, and how many times can I ask my people to be satisfied with the mundane to-do lists of my life? Beyond that, there's the tricky business Reuben warned me about oh so long ago-- that point where people you know well and interact with often start reading your ramblings, and you just can't talk about them anymore. And it's not because anyone has asked me to... I've just tried to extend the courtesy. Don't worry. One day I'll abandon my good sense and tell all the salacious tales of my life again. For now, read the back-postings for the days I sang Chevron's praises for his kissing abilities. Or maybe it's less noble than all that-- maybe it's just because I've grown so found of Facebook....
Anyway, as far as the mundane goes, I'm in holiday-baking mode and scrambling to finish wrapping presents (not to mention looking for a few last-minute gifts) and cleaning house. For the salacious, um, UM?!?!?! Man. I need to do better. The truth is, even if I were shouting about my personal life from the rooftops, there wouldn't be that much to say. The most accurate thing to confess is that I'm doing my best to stay approachable. Approach me, approach me! Become my new Chevron! Warning: I'm rather picky. Oh, I never get tired of hearing that. Oh yeah, that's funny. I was on a road trip with my little bro this weekend and he said our dad often tells him he (Ben) will likely have to support me financially in my old age because it looks like I'm never going to get married. Tra-la!
Feliz Navidad, Amigos!