Thursday, October 28, 2010

Off the Force

So I have this friend.
More like someone I used to know.
I'd like to know him again (But not in the Biblical sense, of course).
But he contradicts everything I say.
He makes fun of me when I try to be nice.
I'm kind of wondering why I try.

Remember when I was back in college, taking statistics, and tutoring that good-looking guy? He was cute, to be sure, and I didn't mind him walking me to my acting class every Tuesday and Thursday. It was delightful, even though my heart was actually across the country with someone else at the time. I felt helpful, and truly, I felt cool.
But then remember how he suddenly stopped sitting by me? And how he didn't talk to me? And how when I finally called him up on the phone he said that the very thought of me made him want to vomit?
And do you remember how he told me that I just didn't get it, and that the meaner he was to me, the nicer I was to him?
For a long time, I wore that memory like a badge of honor. But I'm tempted to turn in the badge and throw in the towel.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas?

So I feel like I'm being a major traitor to my favorite holiday. Halloween is just days away, and I managed to put up a scarecrow. That's it. The other five giant tubs of decorations are taking a back seat this year. I've just been too busy, and at this point, I'd just have to take everything down in a few days anyway. My goal is to put out Thanksgiving stuff tonight.
Actually, for once I'm way more pumped about Christmas than anything else. I think it's because I've already started on my holiday shopping. Last week, I purchased this year's wrapping paper and I'm planning out the festivities. Really, I'd love to go home and wrap gifts tonight, which seems crazy as I've not even debuted my Vegas Show Girl costume yet. What's wrong with me?
Perhaps it's the let-down from the boutique sales. We had another Boho round on Saturday, but dismal results. I put up nine signs and only one of them was still standing a few hours later. It reeks of sabotage, but it was probably just the wind. I sold a measly $24 worth of loot. Can you believe it? So much for buying myself pellets for the winter. That would heat my house for approximately six days. Nine if I'm conservative. Boo. Looks like my earnings (plus a little extra) will go toward a new winter coat. Baby, it's cold outside, and it may be almost as cold INSIDE this year. I hope my nose won't be frost-bitten. So anyway, this year's winter coat-- Teal or Purple? It's a big decision, lemme tell ya.
In other news... oops. No other news today. Later!

Friday, October 22, 2010


You wouldn't think doing something you love would require down time afterwards, but it's true. Just ask Sokphal (Congratulations on the 1:59 on your halfer in Toronto!). For me, it's just been post-boutique coming down. And because I've got one more half-day of sales, I really don't have any business relaxing yet, but there you go. Ironically, the best way for taking it easy after a big sale? Shopping. I've got a great jump-start on the Christmas gifts. Crazy, right? Let's just say yesterday was a really good day at T.J. Maxx (though a good number of those purchases were presents to myself-- globes, Boleslawiec, and a great Madame Alexander find).

Anyway, here are some things I thought about while in the bathtub this morning:

1. I love that all the music on my iPod was obtained legally.

2. I need to have some folks over. It'll motivate me to finish my Halloween decorations (I KNOW! Terrible!), plus it'll give me an opportunity to whip up the fancy green beans and butternut squash I bought yesterday.

3. I need to send letters to my friends Sarah and Katie.

4. Gotta do something nice for someone today... looking for a good opportunity.

5. Should I go back to Sweet Tomatoes before the Grilled Cheese Foccacia (it only happens twice a year!) is gone until March?

6. I hope I sell some stuff this weekend. Preferably enough to buy some pellets for my stove so I can heat the house this winter.

7. What kind of things would one DO at a circus party?

So as you can see, life is basically back to normal. It gives me comfort to see the rapid-fire, tangential way my mind works, even though I was proud of my laser-focus on the boutique.

OK. That's all for now.

EXCEPT: I bought an old clown cart yesterday. I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I'm excited. Just thought I should explain rationale behind #7.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Boho Babes Boutique: Year 2 in Review

Did you want to know what I meant when I said I've been busy for the last couple of months?
Well, this should give you an idea. For Chad and Sokphal (and everyone else who prefers pictures), hope this satisfies the craving. For Reuben and Miriam, you'll finally get a look at the lingerie. Enjoy!
Ashley's Cupcakes

Aunt Trish's Scone Mix-- MMM!

Our Friend, Judy Willard, found lots of good things.

From the Christmas Room

Recipe Card Holders from Aunt Trish

Trish's Firestarters

How Skye spells Holiday Cheer


Aunt Sylvia's Brides and Grooms. She called these "Save the Last Dance for Me."

My own "Ghost" and T-Shirts. Trademark Pending (I'm not joking!)

Some of Sylvia's Skulls

One of Bonnie's gourd houses

Kris Steel's Skeletons

Bonnie's Old Cronies

Large Black Swan, Small Bright Swans, made by Yours Truly

Skye gets the credit for these little beauties.

And now, we head upstairs!

One of my famous flower mirrors-- a scaled-down version of the one I have hanging over my own fireplace mantle.

And let's not forget my lingerie!

Alphonse Mucha Frames
One of Ashley's beautiful necklaces

Cassidy's magnet boards
Skye's Children's Clothing
Aunt Melissa's Pillows
Thanks, everyone, for taking a look!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Why I Don't Work in Retail

I greet you, my friends, only half-awake and hunched over in pain. No, I'm not ill. I'm just suffering the effects of the Boho Babes Boutique:2.
Yes, we're at that special time of year again when my mother and her friends all take their myriad art projects to the Sego Farm to sell. It's a great new tradition, but I'd simply forgotten how much work is actually involved. The months of creating are rewarding. I get a rush from planning the advertisements. I like that I get to be the cashier-- it makes me feel important, and I get to talk to everyone that way. But the set up, forget it!
Can you tell I'm a touch grumpy? I think it was because yesterday a bed frame fell over and knocked me in the calf. I didn't cuss, but I surely wanted to. I'd say I refrained because our nun friend, Sister Frances was there, but I'd heard her say "Holy Poo!" (but not poo, ya know) earlier. Let's chalk it up to my excellent self-control (and I never say the cussing poo word-- never have in my entire life). Anyway, it hurt like the devil, and I've got a nice gash and grapefruit-sized bruise for battle scars, but the worst was I couldn't really sleep last night. I'm a side-sleeper, and that just wouldn't do. When my alarm went off this morning, I found myself with my head at the foot of my bed, and crunched up into a weird position. I've not been able to completely straighten out yet. Looks like any money I make may go to Dr. Bender, the chiropractor.
No, no. Things really aren't all that bad. I'm actually just mentally exhausted. Yesterday, there were a dozen women at the farm, and each had their own ideas about how things should be set up. If you walked away for even a minute, you'd find that you're stuff had been displaced. There was a minor car accident when my sister-in-law ran into an over-sized planter (fortunately, it SOUNDED way worse than it actually was). I spent a good portion of my time keeping my nieces off the stairs. The dog next door came to visit, and I had to run it off. And SOMEONE (my mom, let's be honest) hadn't priced any of her merchandise, so that was a bit of an issue.
So, why do we do it, you ask?
Because the results are so worth it.
Because it brings people together.
Because it showcases talent.
Because it helps us all clean out our craft-closets.
Because it's a break from insulation.
I actually love it. But I think I'm gonna love it more Saturday night after it's all over with for another year.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"It's ALL about Me, All Year Long"

At the beginning of the year, I purchased a desk calendar called "It's All About Me, All Year Long." On it, one is supposed to take their daily narcissism temperature by shading in mirrors in proportion to one's self-involvement. Additionally, there is an area to wax poetic about one's love for oneself, and a corner for a daily self-portrait. Best of all, there's a daily quote, tip, or fact of egotistical evidence to keep up one's confidence. I initially purchased this calendar as a joke, but it has provided countless facebook status updates meant to convince any of my "friends" that I really am a diva. It's amazing how many things Mohamed Ali was quoted as saying...
Anyway, I think the calendar has been good for me. It gives me a little laugh every day, and I've noticed that when it comes to confidence, faking it till you make it does a world of good. I've gone from assuming that anyone who asks me out would either a) be joking or b) stand me up to knowing that I'm just too hot to handle. Or something like it.
Anyway, the point is that as I've gotten older, I've learned that confidence is key in dealing with members of the opposite sex. Homely, confident men will win out every time over the decent-looking, shy boy. Girls may have a little too much junk-in-the-trunk, but as long as they own it, it's sexy, not slutty. Work what yo momma gave you, I always say. Once upon a time, I was highly offended when a boy we'll call Justin Old made a rude comment about my chestal region. I was mortified, and wore a long jacket all night over my beautiful burgundy Christmas dress. It wasn't until my Bishop told me "If you've got it, flaunt it" that I realized what a waste that had been.
And I'm not the only one who feels this way. Remember my friend "Raquel?" She told me about a recent facebook chat she had that left her reeling. Raquel recently re-connected with an old acquaintance named Willie. When she knew him (through a certain adventurous summer in the Motherland-- she was a student and he was a missionary) she was impressed with his intelligence and wit. She also admitted that she thought he was pretty cute, despite her shame of having a Beehive-type crush on Willie. Time marched on, and through the miracle of Facebook, Raquel started talking to Willie again. Years later, both Raquel and Willie are accomplished souls with much to recommend each of them to the opposite sex. And while Raquel usually likes being the center of attention, she likes the men in her life to have a commanding presence as well-- she needs someone who can add to her own spotlight, not lurk in the shadows. The conversation that sealed the deal for her fantasies of world-domination with an equal went as follows (Thanks Raquel-- you're a champ, as is Willie):

Willie: I have ladies after me because, as you said, I'm charming and good-looking and fun to be around. And also...
Raquel: Humble?
Willie: Because I just have this inexplicable aura of sexuality... I can't describe it, but it's there.

If that doesn't belong in the narcissism calendar, I don't know what does. But I don't know about you... it makes me want to steal Willie from Raquel, just a little bit. It sounds like we have a lot in common.