Monday, July 30, 2007

Well, here we go again

Is it just me, or is the term "just friends" a little insulting? I really don't like minimizing the importance of friendship just because a relationship isn't romantic. But anyway...
This weekend I had a VERY brief chat with a friend I hang out with quite a bit. I've felt pretty neutral toward him for quite some time on the romantic scale (as evidenced by the fact that while I like him terribly as a person, I always found myself kissing other boys the very day he'd go out of town for some reason or another). Anyway, I didn't want to get into all the hows and whys (because I just don't like it when boys I hang out with feel compelled to tell me all the reasons a relationship wouldn't work out-- um, like it's MY fault alone something wouldn't work out) but I think we're both relieved that it isn't hanging over us anymore. It wasn't a break up, but it is minimally significant. I guess it's only a little disappointing that he wasn't even a chapter in my life-- just a footnote. Because if we're going to be "just friends" and not plain-old, I-can-count-on-you-for-anything friends, I'm not sure he'll even make the cut in the made-for-tv movie about my life. You know who will, though? Chevron.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Yesterday I was working, as I always do. A customer called because he had a question regarding his bill. I told him I'd look into it. He said, "You're beautiful." Because I'm such a sarcastic little snot, I said, "Actually, yes I am." And then he asked me for a description! EW! He actually brought it up a couple of times while I was trying to dig up a copy of his non-taxable certificate and explain that the extra charge was for midfloor and interior sound insulation. He kept saying things like, "maybe I should drive down there." And I said, "I'm 26. I'm a child. How old are you?" And he said, "That's better than my girlfriend. She's 24. I'm 56." (Yuck! That's only two years younger than my parents.) So I told him it sounded like he was having a midlife crisis. Let's see if I've driven him away. Gross, gross, gross!
Other than that, things are quiet here. Well, not quiet exactly, because I've spent a good part of the morning avoiding invoicing in favor of pounding on my parents' piano and singing at the top of my lungs. I'm musical. Who knew?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. And so does he. And that guy over there as well.

If life were happening on Capeside, my name would be Dawson. The demise of the WB (also known as the forming of the CW) still worries me. But that's neither here nor there.
How angry I was when Joey chose Pacey! (And how lame is it that I still care? Except I'm even more steamed that stupid Felicity let Noel slip through her fingers.) Still, Dawson overcame. And I even get that maybe that's how the series had to end. Dawson still needed all that angst so he could keep his artistic career alive, right?
I'm happy Dawson and I are twins, and I think I'm most comfortable with unrequited love. Except when I'm on the other end, and people love me and it's unexpected. They never tell you how to deal with that. Everyone wants to be liked and accepted and appreciated. But sometimes it just knocks your socks off-- especially when it's sudden, and you're busy with your own pining. Oh my gosh. Did I just become Felicity? I've made it to the epicenter of a love polyhedron!

Monday, July 9, 2007

When it rains it pours and there goes my sense of urgency

Hello, my little chums and chumettes. I greet you, coming off of the best weekend of the season. Possibly. This is what summer is all about. Buying new shampoo and the pleasant surprise it smells like childhood (not plastic and Hello Kitty, but maybe the Strawberry Shortcake house?). Going to two concerts in one week, with an average price of 50 cents. Getting drenched at one of those concerts, but not caring because you're walking with some of your close friends, and the male friend looks particularly charming drenched. Learning that I might just be falling in love-- with running. Meeting up with an old pal for some long-overdue catching up. Meeting up with another old pal for a long-overdue chat about who we were to one another, and finding out there's still some validity to our relationship, even after all these years. And only getting a few hours sleep every night. I heart summer.