Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Emails and Phone Calls

So, I promise yesterday's posts weren't really a cry for help-- well, maybe the one about the text enhance and the ads.  Still working on that.  I'll redesign when I get a chance.  But many thanks to all of you out there who read my ramblings.  I appreciate the love you sent my way.

A couple of best things:

First, a phone call from my nieces.  I LOVE when they call me, because they always say the funniest things.  Once, Zoey told my mom that she needed a siesta.  Seriously.  But yesterday they called because I'd left some Halloween costumes on the door for them to find.  Sylvia and I got them at a garage sale in Artesia.  Now Z will be the Candy Corn Queen and Paiz will appear as Belle.  They were SO excited about the gift, that I'm pretty sure babysitting tomorrow will include many conversations about how to appropriately accessorize. 

Second, Lou, I hope you don't mind me posting an *edited* version of your email to me this morning, but it easily qualifies as the BEST THING.  It is in response to an email I sent her about some of the difficulties I've had with a few individuals of late.  For those of you who don't know, my good friend Louise is a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines, and this came through today, just when I needed it:

Ok. Now seriously. I'm over this Peace gig. I'm coming back and busting knees. Let's play who would win in a fight.
Round 1 me v K. Easy. No question. K, I've got something to show you that's going to make you mad, then boom show him my fist!
Round 2 me v N.. Easy enough. Not even worried. Doesn't he have big ears or a nose or something, an easy target.
Round 3. Me v DK. I'll take him and all is ultra syllabic name on easy peasy. That being said having no idea what he looks like, but 27 months of peace build up!
Round 4 me v M. Dekilt him, job done.
Round 5 me v the world. I got your back.

If that doesn't qualify as THE BEST THING, I don't know what does.

Monday, August 27, 2012

And another thing

Who knows how to get all these horrid ads off my page?  And the text-enhanced script?  I'm not making any money off these ads, so I don't want anyone subjected to them.  Suggestions?

The Best Thing: On my way to a Miracle

Yesterday I had lunch with my friend JW, who reminded me that even though I'd promised to be better, I'd not posted in MONTHS.  So Judy, this one is for you, because you may be the only person who sill even bothers to check, but we'll pretend there are a ton of people reading!  Also, loved your short hair, and I don't think I mentioned it.

The main reason I haven't written for ages:  It boils down to the fact that I've been a sad little puppy for too, too long.  When people say, "How are you?" I'm always fine.  When they ask what I've been up to, the answer is "working."  These things are true, because so long as I bury myself in work, I don't have to focus on the crappiness.  Ready for a brief Negative Nancy List of Things that Hurt My Feelings over the past couple months:

* Went on a date with a boy I thought I might like.  At the end of the night, he hit me.  Not that hard, and not that damaging, except for the emotional toll. 

* Other long-term boy in my life has completely dropped out of the friend capacity.  We actually texted last night about an activity we've both been invited to for tonight.  He said, "I have nothing against you coming."  I pointed out that this is not the same as him saying, "I'd like for you to come."  There was no response, so I'll probably stay home and mow my lawn.  And perhaps go to the gym.  And clean house.

* Talking to another friend not long ago, he encouraged me to go live my dreams.  This resulted in a personal crisis, because I don't really even know what they are anymore.  I need new dreams.

But no one visits www.rachelsego.blogspot.com to feel like poo, including me, so now seems as good a time as any to turn things around.

Socially, things may be difficult for a while.  I could use some new friends, but I don't know where to find them.  I've got an extra ticket to see Sondre Lerche in a few weeks, but we all know how my last date turned out, so I'm feeling a little sick about it.  I may just go alone.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll meet some nice folks at Low Spirits!

One thing I would like to do is keep a regular feature going here, at least until I perk out of my grumpiness.  I'm going to call it "The best thing that happened yesterday."  Here's the first one:  The best thing that happened yesterday was I stopped to fill up in Roswell on my way home from Sylvia's.  I'd gone 400 miles on a single tank of gas (which is a strong contender for best thing) and so I had to be a big Sabbath-breaker and get fuel (big because I'd also had lunch out with the fam).  The little fellas working at the filling station were super sweet.  I imagine they weren't much more than 21, only because they needed to be legal to sell alcohol to their other customers (Not to worry-- I may be a sabbath-breaker, but I don't drink!).  Anyway, the best thing that happened yesterday that as I was leaving, one of the clerks said, "Dude!" (I'll forgive him for failing to notice that I'm not a man) "Those are the coolest shoes EVER."  They were burgundy high-heeled Mary Janes from Target.  Nothing particularly special, but it made me feel good.  He went on to explain he was kind of into punk rock (not a huge stretch of the imagination, given his piercings and Mohawk), and that he had some combat boots in the same shade.  It made me laugh!  Still, a little acknowledgement from the clerk and his gas-pumping co-worker meant the world to me, because I was feeling a little down.  I know I sashayed out of the station, instead of schlumping the way I came in. 

Stay tuned for more "best things of the day."