Monday, March 28, 2011

Crafting Happiness

OK peeps. Here it is. What I've been waiting nearly a month to write about. My new Yudu! Woot woot!Actually, it's still not technically in my possession. I've been calling Michaels every week, hoping they'd finally get some in stock, and today was the magical day. And, because I have to work (ugh, how mundane!), my mum, who needed to go to Costco, and thus Albuquerque, is armed with my raincheck and cash-o-la. Oh, tra-la! I'm so excited. Of course I need a personal screen-printer(!), doesn't everyone?

Still, it may be a couple of weeks before I bust this thing out. I have to finish that blanket. And finish editing my brother-in-law's dossier (crossing fingers for him to get a raise!). And plant my basil and "Envy" zinnias first. And clean the house from top to bottom. And get rid of my blasted weeds. And find time to practice running outside (because I know it's gonna be way different from the gym). Whew! I'm a busy woman!

In other news, sad mustache face:

Alas, there was no bashio for me this weekend. I just can't go downtown by myself, even if I am nearly 30. Maybe next time. Maybe someday I'll meet someone whose offbeat sense of humor matches my own. I stayed home and worked on the blanket. And the dossier. Ever try to edit a 30-page paper about a weight training class? I'll give Norbert this-- he made it interesting. But it is long, and the process itself is tedious.

One other thing worth mentioning-- Father's birthday was last week. Young Benjamin's gift to him was a flock of chickens. Looks like I'm going to spend my Tuesday afternoons this summer at the local farmer's market, peddling eggs. I already have a T-shirt design in mind to wear as a uniform. Oh, Yudu-- who would have thought free-range poultry could get any more exciting? Yudu, YuDid!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hey Girl, Where you at?

So, yes, I've been missing from the blogosphere... again.
My good friend T pointed out that she's been checking my blog every day for the last two weeks, waiting for my brilliance (actually, that's not what she said, but I think she'd appreciate the embellishment).
I've been caught up doing STUFF.
You know, those things that end up taking your time away from throwing out communication to the universe? Like work. And going to the gym. And, oddly enough, quilting.
But first and foremost, I ought to mention that we lost our little dog, Molly, a couple of weeks ago. She was nearly 15, totally deaf, mostly blind, crippled, and severely smelly. She'd had a long, loving life.
Mumsy has had a particularly hard time adjusting, but it's definitely for the best. We miss our little Rumple Face (honestly, that dog had more nicknames than most adorable children!) but no one is looking to get another pup. Ever. Well, maybe someday for Mom, but I think if I end up with a pet it should be a peacock. Not as cuddly, but it would fit well with my love of Art Nouveau.
In other important news, this weekend I plan to attend Moustachio Bashio at the El Rey.

At one point, I thought I'd run another cheeky contest, but then with the death in the family, things got busy. I'll come up with one soon. Meantime, check out my old pal Drew Danburry for some inspiration:
I'm afraid this is all. I've read several great design books recently, and gearing up for a new creative endeavor (more to come on this) and I spend any spare time I have working on the most frustrating blanket known to man. It'll be gypsy-chic, but right now it's just a thorn in my side. Must. Complete. Project. My living room demands to be freed from the oppression of antique trim resting on every surface.
More soon. As in very. As in for reals. Pip-pip!