Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December Baby (Comma) You are My

And now, an update on how I've been spending my time:
Since the holiday extravaganza, mostly I've been curled up on my couch, in front of the fire and the Christmas tree I FINALLY put up, enjoying the lights and the electric throw Michael inspired me to get. I don't know how I've lived without one all these years, but Sam's Club has a good deal on 'em if you're in cold and and in need.
Hmm. Christmas was good. Too good, as usual, in the gift department. Amongst the favorites (and believe me, it's hard to cull out favorites amongst favorites)-- the ukulele (my fingers are sore, but I'm working on developing some calluses, because this instrument is wicked!), a hot-water bottle outfitted in a sweater, and a copy of Anthology Magazine. Don't know how I've lived without the latter thus far. I'm ready to subscribe after my wallet recuperates.
On the whole, I'm rather happy Christmas is over. I know that sounds Grinchy, but it's like I can finally breathe again and just enjoy the last week of the year. I have nice plans. For example, on Saturday I'll be helping out with Zoey's Birthday Party. What kind of party does a 4-year-old have? Fancy Nancy, of course. So I'm in charge of Charm School for about 8 little girls. Fun, right?
Of course, there will also be the Singles' Extravaganza Saturday night. I'm tired just thinking about it, truthfully. Don't expect a kissing report this year, because the candidate list isn't just bleak, it's dismal. Best kissing opportunity went belly-up a week ago Sunday when said chump made me cry and got bumped off my list and out of my phone (read: life). Que sera, sera.
Still, NYE remains one of my favorite holidays-- drinking sparkling cider with Pam, dancing like a dancing fool, staying out too late. Yes, this sounds like a typical weekend, but there's something magical and renewing about it. I've already started my list of resolutions. More on that and upcoming creative projects in the next few days. Right now I'm off to do a little end-of-an-era partying. Cheers, chumlies.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Coming to You Again from On the Sly

Whew! Lots of paperwork to do today. It is a Monday, after all, but here are the highlights of the weekend:

1. I sold a bunch of clothes. This may sound a little dismal, and if you only look at it from the perspective that I was feeling particularly poor after making a large balloon payment on the mortgage, there is a touch of the Tiny Tim to the story. And my first attempt didn't go so well. I went to Plato's Closet, because cute little Shelby works there and told me they were buying. Shelby S. remains the coolest, but they didn't really want my stuff (too old-looking, too fancy, too big [!]). It could have been discouraging, but I'm happy to say I just moseyed on over to Buffalo Exchange where my cast-offs were treated with much more dignity and respect. And I got a lot more money out of 'em, too. The best part was they bought a lot of my upcycled lingerie, and I felt great about that. I got a fair price, I got a little more room in my closet, and I got my ego stroked as the employees oohed and ahhed over my goods. Loved it.

2. I went to a movie. The film itself was only so-so, but the company was terrific: Cory, Melissa, Spencer and... Louise Sargent! Yes, you all know Lou-Lou is in the Philippines, but we had a little holiday miracle and spoke on the phone just before showtime only to find out we'd be seeing it at the exact same time (even though she's 14 hours in the future). Lou is one of my number-one movie pals, and I ate some popcorn in her honor. Yes, L, ours was buttered, but the next day I was sick from it. Yuck!

3. Church=amazing. Many thanks to Nathan Rackley and his gorgeous rendition of "Beautiful Savior." Who knew that kid had such a set of pipes on him?

Tonight=River of Lights Round 2. It's drizzling now, and may snow later, but I'm over the weather keeping me in!

Friday, December 9, 2011

It's Been Too Long

The other day my mom said, "Don't go wasting time blogging." Um, excuse me, it's been more than a month! So while Mumsy and Daddums have a meeting this morning, I'm going to engage in some catch up. Sorry friends. My mom's knee replacement really was the sole focus of my life for quite some time, but I'm back, even if I have to do it on the sly.

PS. to my mom: a waste?!?!?! Um, excuse me, but I have like, three adoring fans who want to know all about me! :)

Of course, there's too much to cover and not enough time, and I can't remember everything, but here are the highlights:

* Mom's surgery-- went super well. The first few days we were all a little freaked out that she might have been over-medicated, but we taught her phrases like "Just say no" and she's doing really well now. That first week was really long, and really tough. She was in the hospital for five days, and then I stayed with her constantly for the next four. Now, four weeks later, she's spry as can be. There's still some pain, but she's walking like a champ. She does use a cane (we named him Herman), but mostly for stability. She doesn't really need it, but it's helpful in public. Also, she points with it. My once easy-to-please mother is now a cane-pointing fury, but I love her just the same.

* Christmas Prep-- coming along. The presents are all made and wrapped, ready for distribution. Still haven't decorated, but perhaps this weekend, if Ray will let me out of work ever. Aren't Fridays supposed to be easier? Boo. Tonight & tomorrow morning should do the trick.

* My social life-- well, the life blood pressure is low, but the heart is still beating, if faintly. Totally kicked the aforementioned boys to the curb. I don't feel like it's been a big loss. I did have a couple of dates with a REALLY nice boy, but schedules and terrible weather haven't helped our cause. I don't know if WE really have a cause, but I guess I'll hold out hope. Meantime, another boy asked me out. I'm not really sure I'd like to go out with him again, so I may have to pull a Jackie Kennedy and say, "I'm sorry, that won't be possible." I am not a wheel-spinner, you know.

* Finding Fun Elsewhere-- rewarding. As you know, I'm 30 and a half. Plus a few weeks. And when I turn the big 3-1, I'm ousted from the singles congregation I attend. Oh, these folks will still be nice to me when I run into them, but you know the old saying, "Out of sight, out of mind." It's terribly true. If I had time and means, I might take a language class. I'm thinking Arabic would be rewarding. Until that firms up, I continue in my love of vintage frou-fraw and higgledy-piggledy. Last weekend I hit a couple of the 4th St. shops for their holiday extravaganza. Highlights: seeing Carol, and all her beautiful creations (Co-op) AND finding out that Karina and I (Vintage and More) have much more in common than a love for glitter: we also have the same taste in music, so finally I may have found a concert buddy. This is particularly satisfying. Almost as good was finding a great crib to refurbish for some lucky child. Pictures to come as the project gets underway.

Anyway, this is all for now. Here's hoping this December will be full of posts: one about visiting with friends, one outlining the family gift I've spent months on, one about misadventures in mistletoe, one telling you all about how I'm dreaming of a Hipster Christmas (I've asked for a ukelele), etc. I've just got to sneak the writing in. I'm back. For realsies.