Wednesday, May 16, 2012

From One Fully Ensconced in her 30s

OK, peeps.  I'm back, and I'm better than ever.  JW, your diligent, daily checking will finally pay off. 

Oh dear, where to start?  Life is busy, and life is good.  Here are a few reasons why--

1. Jordan, my dearest cousin, got married about two and a half weeks ago, and I'm seriously blissed out on his behalf.  I don't know that I've ever seen him so happy!  His wife, Andrea, is cute as a button and we all suspect she has the patience of Job (or, at least, we're praying she does).  Mom, Ash and I went to the wedding and had a marvelous time!  Savannah, GA, was a major highlight for me with a trip to Back In the Day Bakery and Primary Art Supply.  Also, have you ever had South African food?  Totally delicious.  Charleston also won my heart.  The architecture is gorgeous and so are the people.  Everyone is fit, and everyone has a dog.  I noticed flying back that people got less and less attractive the further west we went (but don't say that to my California buddies!).

2. The famed Cupcake Exchange was a total success.  What?  You haven't heard about it?  Well, lemme fill ya in.  Even though I was on death's door the day of the party (darn airplanes and their dry, recycled air!), it was a smash.  Basically, I'd invited a bunch of my cousins and their little girls (plus a few other friends) to a cupcake party at my house.  We had great (non-sweet) food, the kids did a cakewalk, and there were prizes for the Most Creative, Prettiest, and Best-Tasting cupcakes.  And as if the children weren't already hyped up on sugar, they all took several boxes of cupcakes home.  All the fun, none of the naughty leftovers.  I was pleased.  I'd like to try this party again with adults.

3. The birthday came and went, and it was mostly painless.  I spent the afternoon/evening before the big day with Michael, who was good enough to distract me from my vanishing youth.  We stayed up til midnight so he could see if I'd instantly sprout grey hairs a-la- Chia pet, but no such luck.  I did find a stray grey on my bathroom counter this morning.  Seriously didn't know I had them til Ashley plucked one out of my head a few Sundays ago.  Anyway, after a very nice Saturday, the birthday itself was pretty chill.  Heard from several long-distance friends, and would have been able to talk to more of you had I not indulged in a birthday nap.  Boy, I needed it though, because I had to store up my excitement for this little beauty:

Ben, Skye and the girls got me a bike for the big 3-1, and I LOVE IT.  I've been thinking about getting a cruiser for a long time, but the problem has mostly been finding one that fits.  Yes, this is a "tween" bike with 24" wheels.  I still had to lower the seat all the way down, but now I'm a riding fool!  I'll try to post a picture with the bell and the basket, because they really add a whole level of awesome.  Between my bike and my uke, I think I've crossed fully into the hipster zone, though I really didn't mean to (I submit this based on evidence from a very poorly written YouTube video called "What Hipsters Say and What They Really Mean."  It's horrible and not worth your time, but all the things the girl makes fun of are things I do).

Other goodies soon to be reported on-- a possible part-time job, outlines of my magnificent summer plans, and perhaps more pictures because I also got a sweet camera for the birthday and I'm ready to use it!  Ta!