Monday, November 29, 2010

P.S. You're Creeping Me Out

I realized I forgot a good weekend story (or two).
First, was the traditional uncomfortable time at a (boy) friend's wedding.
Sitting at a table during the post-ceremony brunch, Jake's aunt said, "Oh Rachel, we thought it was going to be you. Sylvia (her sister, and Jake's mom) told us he really loved you."
What do you say to that?
"Well, yes he did, but not that way?"
Or how about, "Yes, but he was concerned my ovaries were already withered?"
Or even, "Yes, but I'm not young and malleable?" (Which, is not a dig at the bride-- I'm just saying the fact that I'm set in my ways doesn't make me the best candidate for marriage to anyone).
So I just laughed and said something like, "Oh no. Jakey is a wonderful boy, and I love him, but we were better just as friends." Which is true. But still uncomfortable. Kind of like the time my second cousin's mom suggest I marry her son because she thought it was legal, and I wouldn't have to change my name. Anyway, this story is mostly worth mentioning because it tends to happen at most of the weddings I go to. Not a family member suggesting an somewhat incestuous relationship, but people telling me they wished/hoped/thought I'd be the one to marry their little man. I ask you, where are these parents when I really need them-- like when they could influence an offer? Again, this does not apply to the mother of my second cousin, once-removed.
And, on a totally unrelated note, guess what I heard through the grapevine yesterday? A girl, telling a guy, "Oh, it's such a curse to be pretty." And she was serious. It gives me new sympathy for Snow White's stepmom.

My Most Pathetic Writing Month Ever

So three total posts for the month of November? I'd like to tell you it's because I've been rocking the Nanowrimo, but let's be honest... I've just been busy trying to get through life.
Still, I'm happy to report on a few things:
1) My green bean casserole at Thanksgiving was a hit. Adding a little bit of Trader Joe's smoked cheese on top gave it a new depth of flavor. Also, I modified the broccoli salad. Cranberries instead of raisins, shallots instead of purple onion, and of course, I always add cashews. Yum! I've got Corey thinking I'm the salad queen, so I need to keep adding to my repertoire. Got a good salad recipe? Pass it along! I did get a great new cabbage salad recipe from Loretta (Uncle Jimmy's mom) so that's next.
2) Nathan is coming for a visit this coming weekend. I'm trying to come up with some good stuff for us to do. Any NM ideas for me? My plan thus far is River of Lights on night, a Nativity Open House and Messiah performance another, plus holiday decorating. I hope that's not too lame.
3) I spent tons of time in the car this weekend, basically criss-crossing the state. Early Thursday morning I loaded Aunt Susie in the car, and we drove to Sylvia's for Thanksgiving. Friday (because I'm done with my Christmas shopping) we went even further south to Carlsbad to hit our friend Deborah's antique shop, and a favorite boutique, Neish & Neil. Shout out to the girls there-- Carlsbad women know how to fix up the cutest stores. From C-bad, I drove home to Los Lunas, only to get up at the bum-crack of dawn on Saturday to drive to Farmington for Jake's wedding. Thank goodness for car-time with Dallin, which made the day a lot more than bearable.
4) Yesterday was a good friend day. First, and most importantly, C-dawg is home from his week in Utah, and I'm itching to give him a big hug. Second, my little friend Judge is home from the mish, and we spent a little bit of time together yesterday. I'm stoked to see him tonight as well. Hooray for friends!

So yes, my life isn't too exciting, but at least I'm out and about, right? More to come soon. I promise this time.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm Still Here

So my main computer decided it was having a personal crisis and refused to recognize its own hard-drive. It was like the opposite of phantom limb syndrome. But that's where I've been-- agonizing over lost files. But the word on the street street is it can be fixed with a reload and my "guy" (because one always has to have a guy for nasty jobs) can save my files, and I should be getting the Real McCoy back tomorrow. Good thing. I'm not a fan of this laptop action, unless its in conjunction with me writing something fantastic whilst sipping cider at Flying Star.
Anyway, life is pretty good. For you LDS folks out there, I got released this weekend and am no longer the Relief Society President at the Uni Branch. I thought it would be really difficult, but actually it's nice to have a little time to myself. The new callings are temple coordinator and family history specialist, though, and I find that intimidating (at least the latter). But you know me, I'm up for a challenge. Glad I've been working on the family trees for Christmas gifts.
In other news, my NaNoWriMo project has taken a hit, being a little more than computer-less these last few days, but even if I don't finish right on time, I think I'm actually onto something, which is a good feeling. I woke up with a beautiful ending in my head this morning, which is the world's biggest relief, because I can never finish a story. Ta-Da!
Wow. I must be out of blogging practice, because I'm so boring today! Even MY eyes are glazing over as I type this. I'd love to reveal my scintillating plans for world domination, but I think that might jinx the process, so you're just gonna have to trust me on this one.

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Hairy, Scary Weekend

Early Saturday morning after a late night out with my friend CJ, I drove to my sister's house for a haircut (A trim, really, but it was nice to get a break from my Cousin It bangs). I noticed as I put things in my car that the night before I'd run over a lizard. His back-end was under my tire, and his face was frozen in pain. It was pretty nasty, and I felt bad. I didn't do it on purpose, of course, but that's kind of what he gets for chillin' in my garage.
I swept his remains out the door and tried to justify my ambivalence. I knew I should feel guilty for killing one of God's creatures, but I was mostly grossed out. So imagine my surprise when I drove west away from the rising sun to see the word "death" appear on my foggy rear-view mirror. It looked like it had been scratched in with someone's fingernail, but it was surely not my imagination.
But I don't believe it was the ghost of my little lizard, so I just had my car washed and hope they cleaned the mirror.