Friday, December 31, 2010

Did I Mention? OR-- All About Ashley(s)

I think I forgot to mention that Ashley (my sister) Garza colored my hair the other day. My sister Ashley is the most beautiful woman I know, and I'm so grateful she takes care of making me look better, and I appreciate when she lets me tell her what I think would look fun, even if she strongly suspects the results will be less than attractive. I figured putting red and blond highlights in for the last 12 years straight could be dragging down my look. So I ditched the blond. I think it's a little dark. The color looks a bit like that wild, unnatural red Eastern European women favor. Little, Old Eastern European Women, that is. But I think I like it.

In other news, it's the last day of the year. My little friend Ashley Fastle has been stressing over what to wear to tonight's dance. I don't think she needs to worry-- she's a darling girl and always looks really cute and appropriate for any occasion. We tried to explain to our friend Brandi why it's such a big deal-- Ashley argues that it's the first thing you're gonna wear in a new year, so your outfit had better be good. So after that conversation, I started thinking about what I should wear tonight-- I'll be manning (womanning?) the mint bar at Brad's dance, so you'd think I wouldn't get a lot of face time with the humanity, but I'm going to let Corey take over as much as he wants so I can go out and dance like a maniac. Still don't know what to wear, exactly, but Drew Barrymore is my current makeup inspiration:

Beautiful, beautiful Drew. Too bad her name isn't Ashley.

But speaking of beautiful girls named Ashley, my childhood buddy Grant married a lovely Ashley a few years back, and in a final 2011 shout out, I want to tell you she's a big-time inspiration in a lot of ways. A while back, Ashley shared a facebook note (I wish I still had it, and I wish I'd thought this out in advance to ask her permission to share it with you, because it's incredible) about a personal transformation she went through several years back. It's completely inspiring, and just the thing you'd want to read getting ready to make your goals for the new year. Trust me when I say there are beautiful people out there who are even more beautiful because they've worked hard and accomplished what some might consider insurmountable challenges. Good on Ashley Farnsworth!

Now, don't worry. 2011 is just around the corner for a return to my narcissism as you try to become like me. Just kidding. Milego Nowego Roku!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Of Course I Know What I'm Talking About-- I Told Fortunes at a Fundraiser Once

This time of year, it's pretty common to hear folks grumbling about New Year's Resolutions. Some with post about them, because it gives them an added layer of accountability (assuming their readers will remember and care enough to check up on how they're doing goal-wise). Others use that all-too-familiar cop-out, "The only resolution I've made is to not make any more New Year's Resolutions." In years' past, I've made extremely long, meticulous plans for how I plan to completely overhaul my life, but I like to keep those to myself. Number 1, I'm completely normal and I forget about my resolutions by February 16, and Number 2, I'm really prideful, and I don't want to have everyone else know about all my flaws.
But because I've been the Blogging Grinch lately, I feel like I've got to address the timely topic in SOME way. To do otherwise is just being a poor sport. But because I've been preoccupied with having a life, I've also not made my list of everything that is wrong with me that I need to fix within the calendar year of 2011 (or edited the abbreviated list that needs to be accomplished before I turn 30 in May). Instead, I hereby offer the following 2011 predictions. They have very little merit, and many of them have little to do with me or anything within my sphere of influence, but I'd argue that's what makes them extra-charming:

1) In pop culture, Lindsey Lohan will get out of rehab, but promptly come back in. Russell Crowe will be mad that no one really talks about him and will beat someone up, and the Walt Disney Company will have to give kids a new icon to look up to, because yet another one will want to "branch out from the Disney box" (aka they'll want to do a nudie movie). I know this because history tends to repeat itself (with the exception of the clean-cut Jonas Brothers).

2) In world politics, someone will finally tell Vlad Putin that he is a big baby. And possibly Hugo Chavez.

3) In fashion, the mullet hairdo which has been enjoying a solid comeback since the last World Cup will FINALLY make it to New Mexico, where it will remain in fashion for about five years (otherwise known as four years and eleven months after it is no longer popular everywhere else).

4) Economically speaking, we should see a slow, steady growth in the construction market once again, so those of us who have scraped by and weathered the storm will come out all right and things won't be so pinched. This sub-heading could also be called "Somehow Rachel will get rich."

5) AND, in the humble (yet marvelous) world of Rachel Sego, expect the following developments: training for and finally running a 5k (small goal, I know; shout out to Sokphal, who is running her first MARATHON in Zurich in 2011), becoming a petite supermodel, smoothly navigating my 30th birthday at Disneyland (where I will possibly run into the Jonas Brothers, but even though I know they're clean-cut, I'm not sure I'd recognize them), and getting married November 11 (because who doesn't want to have their wedding date be 11-11-11?!?!?).

For predictions about what will happen to YOU in the coming year, call me now for your free reading.

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Little Rachel

A smaller Rachel, that is. By about 7 lbs. But not because I've been reading "Body for Life" or doing P90X or all the great things you guys do. Nope, if you're wondering where I've been for about a month, the answer is sick. The jeans are fitting better these days, but I don't recommend doing it this way. On the bright side, it's a head-start to another new year's resolution, so take that, haters! I'll let you know when I can eat something besides Popsicles.
In other news, none of my boyfriends like one another, which has made for an interesting few weeks. Can't really elaborate, but you can imagine.
More blogging soon, I promise. I'm off to get another no-sugar-added Popsicle.